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Meet Our Team!


Joshua Rich


Joshua Rich is our fearless leader of Gateway Travel.  He graduated with his MBA in the spring of 2016 and has been in the Travel Industry for over 7 years.  His passion for travel and love for people has taken Gateway Travel to new heights when he took over in 2015.  Josh loves traveling, both watching and playing sports, and spending time with his family.


Mekelle Daniel

Agent Support

If you're a current agent, you've met Mekelle!  Mekelle joined Gateway in 2018 selling travel.  In 2021 she also began helping with Agent Support.  Her job is to help support other agents as they grow their business and navigate the bumps along the way.  She has a deep love for people and travel!  In her spare time she enjoys all things crafty, loads of family time, and spending precious time growing good things in her garden.  


Becky Bonn

New Agent Support

If you're a new agent, you'll have a chat with Becky when you join Gateway Travel!  Becky has been in the travel industry for over 5 years. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people. She's never met a stranger. Her office partner is a Bengal cat, Skippy and her dog, Maui. She has four amazing kids and a grand baby on the way. She comes from a military family, loves hanging out at the gym, and also competes in powerlifting.  


Heather Pike

Supplier Relations/Commissions

The relationship with suppliers is crucial in providing great opportunities to our agents.  Heather ensures that correct commission levels are received, supplier goals are met, and training opportunities are plentiful!  She works hard to vet suppliers ensuring they will not only pay our agents but treat their clients with excellence so you can sell with confidence.   She also takes care of organizing the best booking practices which in turn helps you save time when booking your client's travel.  Heather also chases down commissions for our agents.  If you need help shaking a company that owes you commission, chances are Heather is WAY ahead of you!  Heather has her Bachelors in Accounting and has worked with Gateway Travel since 2019.  


Amber Rich


Amber helps lead Gateway Travel with her superhero husband, Josh.  She also handles all support for our team and helps our staff succeed in keeping our agents happy.  She is continually reassessing our CRM to ensure our agents and staff have the most efficient tools and reporting possible.  Amber helped start Gateway Travel in 2011 and has been an anchor with the company ever since.  

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